Sunday, August 17, 2014

How I Wear White Boxy Top #1

A white long-cropped boxy top is my most favorite piece from this year summer, no lie! I love how versatile and easy-going it is, especially it was made from the material that fit during these hot days and even on a night out. Get lots of outfit idea for it, so I decided to part them into a style diary series of How I Wear White Boxy Top. And this cheerful orange is the first one. The color and the fruit itself just so perfect to weather the summer.

What I Wear
Cotton On white cropped boxy top, Argyle & Oxford orange fruit brooch, unbranded orange cullotes, a pair of Charles & Keith nude mules, and KLAR acrylic bubble bracelet

Photographs by B. Raharja

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shades of Grey

Style has no season at all! Was in the mood of this leather jacket to spice up my new grey-shades tank today. The weather was humidly hot, there is no way I can wear the leather jacket properly so I decided to tie it up on my waist to the entire day (no throw up around shoulder unless the freezing air con situation). Match the pair up with my favorite Levi's jeans and taupe pumps. Anyway, a messy pull-up ponytail is also the best company to this kind of weather, seriously.

What I Wear
New Look Grey-shades tank, boyfriend's Topman leather jacket, Charles & Keith Snakeskin bracelet & taupe pumps, Levi's jeans

Photographs by B. Raharja

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Friday, August 8, 2014

What to Pack for Beach in Last Minute

Click here for the items in the collage detail

I am going to a beach trip within a week. Yes, my summer vacation this year is starting a little bit late in the last-minute of the season...but, finally! I mostly trip with only a backpack, and so this time. For some few days ago I've been quite indecisive about what to pack in this tiny bag while I'm also dreaming of stylish summer vacay. Swimwear, shorts, cute laidback dress, the most comfortable footwear, protector, a stylish spacious tote. So yesterday, I finally decided to fix my holiday style into specific theme for the sake of light pack. And now the only thing need to figure is...which style (from three above) should I adapt and fit in? Any suggestion?

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Friday, August 1, 2014


I've been eyeing this festive-color tee since the day I saw it when I was doing some task and styling on my internship days. The color blend and combining slightly reminds me of Picasso's work, and the loose cutting just perfect for my I-need-to-weigh-down current situation (even when I weight loss successfully, I still probably loving it). Can't think about anything else to pair with except this oldie knitted pencil skirt. But well, a jegging will also do good for more casual day, don't you think so? And oh, please don't tell anybody that I can't help but to wear this tee three days straight this week!!

What I Wear

Zara TRF abstract tee, vintage knitted pencil skirt, Charles & Keith taupe pumps; Cocre Design pearl choker 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to Black

An all-black outfit is something I practically run into every time I don't have enough time to think about what to wear that day. Wore this outfit to a friend al fresco birthday dinner last Sunday. I'd just recover from flu and bruised under eye, so I decided to cover up the big part of my face with sunnies. Well, I've been abandoning this tee for quite a long time, till I realize that the logo-tee on DKNY Spring/Summer runway is just too cool... may I call this as a 'benefit of obeying mother to keeping the basic pieces' (even if you think they are so boring and old)?

What I Wear
Billabong Logo tee, Giordano Oversized-pocket trousers, Pull & Bear Loafers, Carrera Sunnies, DKNY watch, Charles & Keith Twist bracelet

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Orchid & Black Chelsea

Something fresh and new always makes happy. And by now I'm talking about...yes, the black Chelsea boots and freshly chopped hair! I fell in love with the chunky Chelsea boots at the first sight. Been deliberating to adopt them for quiet sometime, and luckily they are on sale so I got it in the best price! Paired it with orchid ultra-stretch jeans I got from Uniqlo's event few months ago, plain grey t-shirt, and rectangle monochrome scarf. So... an outfit for a wishful trip to a rodeo game? I'm so ready!

What I Wear
Grey t-shirt, GaUDI
Orchid Ultra-stretch jeans, Uniqlo
Monochrome scarf, Barli Asmara
Black belt, Pull & Bear
Black Chelsea boots, Topshop

Photos by B. Raharja

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fun with Benefits

I love to watch my blog grow up along with the sense of fashion & style. I must be honest that this blog has being one part of my life, and I bet some of you are feeling the same way. It has always been my dream to earn the living by my hobbies and things I am passionate about.

Few weeks ago, a team from AccessTrade invited me to join their affiliation program. I absolutely said yes. I have read some information about this kind of advertising some time ago, but never experienced one before. So I’m grateful that the opportunity was finally come to real-life learning about it…

There are generally 2 systems in affiliation business, the CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action). Most of the affiliation companies use the CPC system. This maybe the most favorable system for the publisher (blogger, web owner), but however it can be quite stressing for the advertiser in some case. On the other hand, the CPA system is based on commission; the publisher only receives the part when there’s any final action, such as purchase, register, or download – it’s a win-win solution!
AccessTrade is one of the biggest and trusted affiliation business company in Japan since 1999, that stands differently from most other affiliation company by taking up the CPA system.  The system AccessTrade use makes me feel certain and secure to know that I am ‘playing on the fair game’.

So why not to join this program while we can also get benefits by doing things we love! Get started now by click for free register in a minute. Lets work this out!

PS: I would love to hear your experience too about monetizing with ACCESS TRADE , simply share with me by comments below. xx


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